How Digital Natives, Millennials and Gen Z are Dramatically Changing the Workplace

Millennials, digital natives and Gen Z are making their way into the workforce in ever-growing numbers. This is beginning to cause changes in the workplace — culture, expectations and ultimately a demand for a tech-centric work environment.

Deloitte reports that 33% of the current workforce is digitally native — meaning they can scarcely remember life before the internet and smartphones. Millennials and Generation Z employees have different expectations of their work environments, and businesses must adapt in order to remain an appealing career proposition.  In this keynote, Tim and I compare working styles across the generations, discuss what businesses must do to attract the best new talent, and lift the lid on millennial entitlement. Tune in for eye-opening figures about how the workforce is changing and stereotypes and demands of the new generation of the workforce.

Download the presentation here. If you’d like to register your interest in Digital Workplace 2020, click here.

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