About Us

About Our Company

Range Information Systems is a New South Wales-based company that provides businesses of all sizes with high-quality document management systems and Professional IT Services. 

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Humble Beginnings

Our brand started as a small but innovative company that provided coal mining businesses in Hunter Valley, New South Wales with network administration and management services in the early 2000s. As a locally-owned company, we were able to give all of our clients the same level of commitment and care.

Unstoppable Growth

More than 18 years later, Range Information Systems is now a leading specialist in content management systems. Today, we work with clients from a variety of processing sectors – from medical, to engineering, to livestock, we’ve done it all. Despite our incredible growth over the past couple of decades, we still provide each of our clients with personal and dedicated support. With our highly-skilled team, you can get the premium auditing, procurement, support, and management services you deserve. Range Information Systems will provide you with the professional business information systems and document management you need to fast-track your business’s growth.

Proud Partners

Range Information Systems partnered with M-Files, Australia and achieved Gold Partner status in late 2013 and later achieved Australian Premier Partnership Status in 2019. As an award-winning Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system provider, M-Files provides its users and partners with exceptional systems, support, and resources.

About Our Team

Our dedicated team is the driving force behind Range Information Service’s incredible success. Their extensive experience, their unbridled willingness to learn, and their ability to apply customer feedback is what makes our company so unique.

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Each team member brings a unique skill set to the table. From IT systems and Home PC set-ups, to working on corporate servers from multiple locations, each of our staff members has the skills, competencies, and qualifications they need to provide you with incredible services.

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Constantly Growing

Just like our brand, our team never stops growing. We stay up to date with the latest systems, technology, and skills so that we can help your business get the biggest return on your investment in Range Information Systems.

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Open To Improvement

We love getting feedback because we’re constantly looking for ways to improve every part of our business, systems, and services to make sure that we can continue to give your business what it needs to succeed. That’s what makes us one of the best content management system providers in New South Wales.

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