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About Range Information Services

Established in 2002, Range Information Services has been at the forefront of empowering businesses across Australia with superior, reliable Information Technology (IT) and Information Management services. With our headquarters strategically located at 7/6 Withers Street, West Wallsend, NSW 2322, Australia, we hold ourselves to high standards of excellence, reliability, and unparalleled customer service.

Our Roots

At the heart of our operations are our esteemed directors, Zaanif Kugashia and Phillip Johnson. Zaanif, with his extensive expertise, steers the Information Services division, while Phillip, with his seasoned insights, helms the Managed IT Services arm. Unlike many, our directors don’t merely stay behind the scenes but take an active role in meeting and servicing clients. This hands-on approach ensures you always get top-tier service, directly from the industry’s best.

Our Services

Our service palette is bifurcated into two core domains:

Managed IT Services:
  1. IT Support Services
  2. Managed IT Services
  3. IT Service Desk
  4. Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions
M-Files Document Management Platform:
  • Features & Integrations
  • M-Files Applications such as:
  • Document Management
  • Quality Management Software (QMS)
  • Contract Management
  • Project Documentation Management
  • HR Document Management
  • Records Management

Being an M-Files Certified Partner, we specialise in providing you the best document management solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Our Promise

Our mission revolves around a simple yet impactful vision: “businesses all over Australia doing better as a result of superior, reliable IT and Information Management service.” Our foundational values of reliability, integrity, and protection drive us every day. With a proactive, preventative approach to IT and Information systems, we don’t just react; we anticipate and address issues before they can interrupt your business.

Our Clients

Our primary clientele comprises businesses, typically with 20+ personnel, often spanning multiple office environments. We shine especially with businesses having high document processing and workflow needs, ensuring they get to focus solely on their operations, confident in the knowledge that they’re shielded from unplanned IT faults and inefficiencies.

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