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How Digital Natives, Millennials and Gen Z are Dramatically Changing the Workplace

Millennials, digital natives and Gen Z are making their way into the workforce in ever-growing numbers. This is beginning to cause changes in the workplace — culture, expectations and ultimately a demand for a tech-centric work environment. Deloitte reports that … Read More

AI in Information Management: The Discreet Charm of Intelligent Assistants

This article by M-Files COO Miika Mäkitalo appeared in the February 2019 edition of the German-language magazine Digitus and is reprinted here in English translation. In many discussions on artificial intelligence, unfortunately, the cart is often put before the horse. Now more … Read More

Nucleus ECM Value Matrix

Nucleus Research: “M-Files Delivers Value with Intelligent Information Management”

Nucleus Research — a global provider of ROI-focused technology research — recently compiled a brief compendium on the real value that M-Files delivers to the market with its intelligent information management (IIM) solution. We wanted to share it here and make … Read More

Gartner: All Organizations have Information Chaos

Gartner Managing VP Hanns Köhler-Krüner, spoke at the Intelligent Information Management Summit 2018 event in September and his message centered around information chaos and the problems that chaos causes within organizations. At the event, Gartner’s Information Management Specialist featured facts … Read More

Artificial Intelligence in Information Management: What Does it Mean?

Information management has changed from pure document management and archiving into a real business enabler. Today’s intelligent information management solutions offer ways to automate the time-consuming and often boring document-driven processes within a business. One of the key drivers in … Read More

M-Files Back Office Solution: Making Life Easier for Behind-the-Scenes Employees

Sales, marketing, business development… These customer-facing, revenue-producing functions are often lauded in the workplace, and for good reason. But let’s take a moment to stand and applaud our back-office counterparts. These are the business administrators who work behind the scenes … Read More