Automate Business Processes

Streamline your organization’s important business processes and workflows with M-Files DMS, from simple document requests and updates, to advanced review and approval processes.

Manually managing day-to-day processes can be a huge task. Even the simplest process can become a nightmare when you are required to manually route documents to multiple staff, seek approvals, provide updates to everyone and then process gets stalled by a key document going missing…sound familiar? Business Process Automation aims to make the entire process more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and accessible.

Here are some reasons why automating your business processes is important and how M-Files software can help:

Streamline communication

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We receive hundreds of emails, phone calls and messages each day and it is impossible to remember everything. Ensuring all personnel working on a process are aware of the current status can be time intensive and missing a step in a process could mean anything from lost time to lost revenue for your business.

The workflow engine in M-Files software makes it easy to automate even the most complex business process by applying proven technologies to capture, prioritise, route, escalate, track and manage processes through the entire process lifecycle. Participants in the process can be notified via email of required actions, and documents and other objects can be added to their electronic to-do list in the M-Files DMS. It’s easy to see the status of documents or other objects, and processes can be advanced to the next step with a single click.

Enforce accountability

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Have you ever followed up on a task to be given excuses like “I missed that email”, “I didn’t get that memo” and “Sorry, it landed in my spam”? By automating your workflow and streamlining communication, excuses will be things of the past.

In the M-Files DMS, all workflow steps are tracked in the version history, and since workflows are also metadata-driven, it’s easy to evaluate how well processes are being executed. All the information is in front of you, from initiations, approvals, rejections, inputs and who is responsible for each stage of the business process.

You can also control the permissions of allowed state transitions at either at individual or user group levels. This ensures that an important process can only be moved to the next state by authorized personnel.

Reduce Costs

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Mistakes happen. It is easy to forget a payment due date, an approval deadline or to mistakenly order goods when it was already done by someone else. Simple errors like these can result in a financial cost to the business.

Using automated M-Files Workflows can minimise errors because you will be able to see, at any point in time, the status of a particular process. So if a new version of an SOP must be reviewed and approved by management before it is provided to employees, you will never distribute it unless its state has been updated and you receive a notification that it requires your action. That means you can ensure consistency while the M-Files Workflow verifies that every step in your business process is followed.

Review & Improve

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Every business has processes in place, but do you know how well they are working for you and your employees? Are your business processes actually solving pain points and making life easier for yourself and your employees or are they making what could otherwise be simple tasks more complicated?

M-Files Reporting features make it easy to visually monitor business processes and determine how to improve and optimise them by identifying where issues or problems are occurring. You can easily view data, statistics and metrics associated with M-Files document vaults and related workflows and processes in easy to understand reports and dashboards – an important tool for analysing business processes and supporting management decisions.

Video: Workflows in M-Files

If you would like to learn more about how Range Information Systems and M-Files software can help streamline your business processes, please contact us.