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Simultaneously edit shared documents with co-authoring in M-Files. Check a document out in M-Files and send the co-authoring link to co-workers, work groups and external collaborators to seamlessly edit a single document.


Share & collaborate securely

M-Files document templates are available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.Sharing documents in M-Files is as easy as a right click. Multiple people can make changes to a document simultaneously and it’s easy to see who is editing and what they’re doing.

Share with external parties

M-Files uses Microsoft OneDrive to securely share all kind of files with third parties that don’t have access to your M-Files vault.

Work together without duplication

There’s no need to create multiple copies of the same document because it’s easy to work on the same file simultaneously.


Co-author on mobile devices

Want to make changes to a document on your iPad? M-Files co-authoring supports Microsoft Office Online, so you can make edits from smartphones and tablets.

Simplified real-time document collaboration

In this video, discover how M-Files facilitates co-authoring by leveraging Microsoft OneDrive and Office. This allows both internal employees and external users to access and modify the same document simultaneously.

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