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Dynamic Views



Dynamic views are virtual folders that organize information automatically. Everything in M-Files is organized by WHAT it is instead of WHERE it’s stored, which enables you to manage and view documents and other items exactly how you want to.


View everything exactly how you want to

No one knows how to organize your stuff better than you. Standard folder-based systems force you to conform to a pre-determined structure – one that might not work for you. M-Files allows you to view all of your documents and information in the way that’s most natural and efficient for you.

Create or modify views at any time

When using a standard folder structure to organize company files, you’re stuck with the system that exists. In M-Files, you can easily create new views or modify existing dynamic views to meet your needs. Since views are simple filters that show you relevant files and information, you never have to worry about duplicates.

See how everything is connected

Every bit of information in M-Files is interconnected. Want to see other invoices from a certain customer or view a related customer’s contact information? M-Files makes it easy to have a full 360-degree view of your entire business.

Access views from any device

You’re not always sitting in front of a computer. Most systems require you to be at the office to be productive. M-Files mobile apps for iOS and Android give you access to all of your custom views from any device you’re using.

Video: Dynamic Views

M-Files Dynamic Views are virtual folders that allow users to access the information they need instantly. All information in M-Files is organized by WHAT it is instead of WHERE it’s stored. We understand that different people organize content in different ways. That’s why M-Files allows you to organize and view anything exactly how you want to. Check out the video below for more details about Dynamic Views.

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