Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

M-Files Enterprise Information Management system provides enterprise-level tools to store, find, access and manage content across platforms, systems and repositories

Boost business growth for your enterprise with intelligent information management

Information in all its formats is at the core of most processes at an enterprise. And, in today’s fragmented information architecture, it is vital to be able to find relevant information when needed and manage information efficiently.

M-Files offers a federated approach to storing information. You can use it as a repository of its own for all information or choose to store data where it currently resides and just connect to it and manage it with the help of M-Files, metadata, and artificial intelligence. The decision whether to migrate data or not is totally up to you as M-Files connects to most common systems and repositories.

Boosted by Artificial Intelligence

M-Files uses artificial intelligence to help automate office work. You can also crawl through huge amounts of data to separate business-critical data from the clutter.

Document-based business processes

M-Files enterprise information management helps you manage and automate business processes and workflows related to documents.


M-Files integrates with your existing business systems to add context to your content while unlocking data from information silos.

Enterprise information management that users love

M-Files Enterprise Information Management solution provides ease-of-use and scalability to document-centric processes. Our customers love the intuitive metadata-driven approach that puts content in context.

Upgrading to M-Files, a modern ECM platform, is easier than you think since everyone can continue to work exactly how they want to:

  • ECM allows organizations to reduce organizational costs
  • ECM protects organization from data breaches
  • ECM helps endure organizations stay compliant with regulatory mandates

Save time with easy information management

The M-Files EIM solution offers you the familiar user experience of a “Google-like” Quick Search. In addition, it offers advanced search options that are still easy to use.

You can create Views and Virtual Folders for browsing documents with different criteria. And no matter where or when your employees need access to relevant documents – M-Files works from the office, with a web application, or even on a mobile phone. You can even access the network folders with a mobile device.

M-Files enterprise information management scales with your business

M-Files is a flexible platform that scales without a large IT project. Your administrators can easily modify the set-up after the initial implementation. Your EIM system follows your business dynamically.

In addition to core elements like document management and enterprise content management, M-Files enterprise information management solution offers several add-on modules and features that help automate your processes across functions.

Easy maintenance brings direct cost savings

Does your IT spend too much time updating various document applications?

That is a problem of the past. M-Files now comes with monthly automatic updates. You always have the latest features and security updates available when they are released. Your IT can focus on value-added services rather than manual updates.

Your own administrators can easily add new vaults and scale the system as your implementation scope or business grows.