M-Files for HR Document Management

A simplified and automated approach to managing employee documents, records and HR-related processes to improve efficiency and ensure compliance

Why? Because people are the most important asset.

From onboarding and training to performance appraisals and ongoing career development, effectively managing your employees enables you to retain talent and maximize operational knowledge. M-Files manages, maintains and tracks employee and HR-related information, documents and records, as well as standardizing and automating related tasks, assignments and processes.

Save Time

HR processes are often still manual, making them time-consuming and error prone. M-Files saves time and reduces errors by automating the management of HR documentation and related processes with easy to use templates, assignments and workflows with integrated notifications.

Decrease Risk

M-Files intelligently and automatically controls data, ensuring that content is accessible, secured, and processed how it should be. Workflow, permissions, and notification features protect data and automate tedious processes like data retention and disposition routines. This sort of environment not only ensures that data is easily trackable, but it mitigates risk and increases quality.

Increase Visibility

Employee-related documentation is often scattered throughout the organization, in email, in folders, and in shared network drives. M-Files centralizes employee data and documentation, thereby providing visibility, control and efficient processing of employee documents and records.

The task assignment and automatic notification capabilities in M-Files have enabled us to streamline our human resources and benefits management processes. For instance, certain benefits are available to an individual after they have been employed with us for a specific duration, and we’ve set up automatic notifications for our HR staff in M-Files to ensure that benefits are provided to a new employee at the appropriate time.

Mike Hardy

Accounting Director, Orion Associates

M-Files Supports the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Hiring and Onboarding  – Manage and process job descriptions, resumes and pre-hire testing documents.Assign and track employee orientation and onboarding information and status.

Performance Appraisal and Training  – Simplify the management of annual performance reviews.Manage and track professional development and certifications.

Records Management  – Manage and retain employee records with a full audit log and version history.

Connect to existing HR management systems

M-Files can be integrated with existing HRMS and HRIS systems, such as Workday, PeopleSoft and others, even custom systems and databases developed in-house. M-Files is built on an architecture designed to easily connect with other systems and databases to provide an “in context” 360° view of documents and other information right when they’re needed.

Configure and extend M-Files for your business

M-Files can be readily configured and adapted to any business. It’s based on the M-Files Intelligent Information Management platform that offers the potential of increased ROI by applying the platform to the management of other company documents, information and processes, including contract and case management, accounting and invoice processing and quality and compliance support.

M-Files – The Best HR Documents Software of 2020

Use content management software that’s simpler, faster, and more efficient than ever!

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The 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant Most Visionary

M-Files received this recognition thanks to its prowess as a professional Content Services Platform. This award was bestowed based on M-Files’ innovative solutions, unstoppable growth, and seamless execution of state-of-the-art information management systems and solutions.


The Leader for 2020 Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix

The fact that M-Files was recognized as a Leader in the 2020 Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix for ECM is exceptional. The fact that they’ve consistently received this recognition for the past 7 years is almost unbelievable! Download the report to compare the top 17 Content Management vendors


The Top-Rated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software

End-Users on Trust Radius rated M-Files as one of the top providers of intelligent content management software at the enterprise level.  M-Files received some of the highest scores that vendors could receive based on their product scalability and incredible performance.

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