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Intelligent Metadata


Intelligent Metadata Layer

The Intelligent Metadata Layer brings all your disconnected data silos together and provides users the right content in the right context every time. It leverages artificial intelligence to digitalize business and automate office work.


More efficient information management

M-Files and the Intelligent Metadata Layer deliver a simple, unified user experience for modern information management. You can browse data in all connected systems and repositories, whether in the cloud or on-premises with the same user interface — something that other ECM solutions don’t offer.

Focus on the essential

Intelligent Metadata Layer provides a practical way to bundle business-critical documents from different sources into a single view by leveraging metadata. No matter where content is stored, you can find, access and manage it in M-Files.

Manage content based on its business value

M-Files helps you easily identify business-critical data from the clutter. M-Files suggests key metadata attributes for the content automatically and ensures that content is routed via appropriate workflows and that records are applied the right retention policies.

No need for data migration

It no longer matters where information is located as M-Files and the Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML) eliminate information silos and unify multiple systems and repositories. Content can stay where it is, without the need to migrate or duplicate the actual content. You can also choose to migrate all content to M-Files if you prefer.

Video: Intelligent Metadata Layer

Sifting through multiple versions of the same file and comparing changes takes time and reduces productivity. Instead, M-Files gives you robust versioning capabilities that empower users to manage documents more efficiently.

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