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About Range IS

Helping businesses evolve into streamlined, well-managed,
and efficient business by using M-Files


About Range IS

IT Consulting has to be more than just IT

Range Information Systems is a NSW-based company that assists businesses of all sizes with high-quality document management systems and Professional IT Services.

Recognising that clients require high end solutions to not just their computing needs but their Information System needs, we set about ensuring our services offered the best Information Management Solutions as well.

Our extensive search resulted in our company becoming accredited resellers of the M-Files program. We not only sell the program but we work hard with our clients to produce custom solutions to their specific systems and client needs.

Our brand started as a small but innovative company that provided coal mining businesses in Hunter Valley, New South Wales with network administration and management services in the early 2000s. As a locally-owned company, we were able to give all of our clients the same level of commitment and care.

More than 18 years later, Range Information Systems is now a leading solutions provider in content management systems. We work with clients from a variety of sectors – including medical, engineering, livestock and more. Despite significant growth over the past couple of decades, we still provide each of our clients with personal service and dedicated support. With a highly-skilled team, you can get the premium auditing, procurement, support, and management services you deserve. Range Information Systems will provide you with the professional business information systems and document management you need to fast-track your business’s growth.

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