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Mobile Access



Sometimes work needs to get done when you’re away from the office. M-Files allows you to access any document, anywhere, any time. Read more about our mobile access.


Native Mobile Apps

With M-Files mobile apps, you can access M-Files repositories from iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Install the apps on your mobile device from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Scan documents and receipts

Take a photo of a document or receipt with your smartphone no matter where you are and save it to M-Files using the M-Files mobile app.

eSign from a phone or tablet

M-Files Mobile enables businesses to maintain compliance outside of the office. The eSignature capability integrated into M-Files allows for regulated businesses to approve and monitor processes… even from a mobile device.

Review and approve from your mobile device

Manage and track business processes while you’re away from the office. M-Files mobile apps allow you to review documents like contracts and invoices and approve everything from your smartphone or tablet.

Access critical information from anywhere.

M-Files Mobile makes your M-Files Vault (including documents and workflows) accessible anywhere… even away from the office. M-Files mobile apps are available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play.

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