Nucleus Research — a global provider of ROI-focused technology research — recently compiled a brief compendium on the real value that M-Files delivers to the market with its intelligent information management (IIM) solution. We wanted to share it here and make it available for download.

If you are curious about the real impact of information management solutions and want some real figures on how businesses have benefited, this brief 4-page report is for you. Excerpt below:

“M-Files’ IIM approach focuses on functionality such as repository neutrality, open architecture, and AI-driven metadata that organizes content based on ‘what’ it is rather than ‘where’ it is located.

“Given that depth of capabilities, Nucleus was surprised to find users most frequently noted usability as the primary driver of the decision to purchase M-Files. Users also noted the high rate of adoption experienced by M-Files customers. Nucleus found that during M-Files deployment and training, C-Suite executives are more cognizant of the value software brings when it is ‘used’ across the enterprise to meet compliance/regulatory requirements while remaining cost-effective.”

Check it out for unbiased, third-party analysis of the ROI of the M-Files solution — in terms of both cost savings and increased productivity. Read powerful stories from three companies, and how they drastically improved the way they work with M-Files.