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Offline Availibility


Go Offline with all your important documents

Accessing important information and documents no matter where you are is vital. M-Files offline availability allows you to view, edit and save documents even without access to WiFi or a network connection.


Stop copying files to your desktop

Once you’ve copied files to your desktop, remembering to move the documents you’ve updated back to the company server is a challenge. M-Files offline availability updates files you’ve made changes to automatically.

Only the stuff you need

You don’t need everything available for offline use. Dynamically choose which content you need offline (like all documents related to a certain customer or project) and M-Files makes sure it’s available.

No more sync errors

One approach is to synchronize certain network folders for offline access.That can be a slow and error-prone process and if the document you need wasn’t saved to a certain folder, you’re out of luck. M-Files knows exactly which content you need on the go based on WHAT it is instead of WHERE it’s saved.

Offline in mobile

M-Files Mobile apps support offline use too: synchronize the key documents on your iPad before a long flight, or file the receipts in offline mode. We’ll synchronize your changes automatically when you connect to WiFi again.

Video: Offline Availability in M-Files

Dynamically choose which content you need offline and M-Files makes sure it’s available to you.

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