M-Files for Quality and Compliance

M-Files DMS enforces important compliance controls without making things complex. Organize, manage and track every quality document, process and task without any of the inconvenience.

If your company produces products or services with rigorous quality and compliance requirements, adequately managing standard operating procedures (SOPs), non-conformance reports and corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs) can be daunting and resource-intensive tasks.

M-Files DMS makes it easy to improve your quality management systems, meet certification requirements and fly through audits with document and process management capabilities designed for organizations with strict quality and compliance needs.

Reduce regulatory risk

Failure to comply with regulations is expensive and risky. From regulations and standards such as ISO 9000/9001 series, HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Sarbanes-Oxley and more, our job is to help you stay compliant. M-Files software helps reduce the risk of non-compliance by organizing, recording and automating everything in your business.

Make your business audit proof

Failing an audit is extremely costly and risky. Keeping records of everything and maintaining updated documentation is critical. M-Files DMS keeps track of every version of everything for you. See the entire history of all of your organization’s content at any time.

  • Check-in and check-out functions, so you can keep track when a file is being edited and who is making changes.
  • Preservation of old versions and the ability to revert back to previous versions.
  • Change log that includes usernames, timestamps and comments for an at-a-glance view of your documents’ edits.

Reduce the cost of compliance

Manually managing records is expensive. M-Files software can help reduce the cost of compliance by:

  • Automating document retention and destruction,
  • Managing compliance processes without interfering with your day to day business
  • Reduce the amount of revenue you spend on paper and printing
  • Expediting audits as requested files can be retrieved quickly and easily
  • Reducing the costs of long-term physical storage

Automate quality processes

You need to ensure specific procedures are followed, but you shouldn’t have to manually manage day-to-day processes. M-Files Workflow automates quality workflows like change control, CAPAs and training. That means you can ensure consistency while the M-Files software verifies that everyone is following procedures.

Secure your information

Metadata-driven permissions offer unprecedented flexibility for user access control. Permissions can be configured for individual users and user groups, and you can set access permissions for entire classes of documents and data objects. This ensures that only authorised personnel have access to the files and information they need.

Disseminate up-to-date policies and procedures

What if everyone in your organization could find the right information quickly? In M-Files DMS, there’s only one version of every document. No matter what type of quality or compliance document is needed, it’s always current.

Continuous Improvement

M-Files Reporting features make it easy to visually monitor business processes and determine how to improve and optimise them by identifying where issues or problems are occurring. You can easily view data, statistics and metrics associated with M-Files document vaults and related workflows and processes in easy to understand reports and dashboards – an important tool for analysing business processes and supporting management decisions.


M-Files software enables businesses in highly regulated industries to maintain compliance in the office or on the go. The eSignature capability integrated into M-Files DMS enables you to securely monitor and approve processes with a few clicks, eliminating the need to print and sign countless documents.

If your business could use a little help streamlining the documentation requirements and bureaucracy of its ISO certification and compliance, or you would like to learn more about how Range Information Systems and M-Files software can help streamline your business processes, please Contact Us.