Range IT

Information solutions
and IT support

We provide peace of mind for managers removing Information
Technology disruptions and Information Systems solutions

Managed IT Services

Calm in a storm
Business success relies on you being able to focus on your core business and not be taken out of the game by IT issues. Range IT managed services have been the secret for many Hunter businesses over the last 20+ years.
Our mission is to see our clients prosper in their businesses with reliable advice, 24/7 back-up and protector-like vigilance of their systems and IT platforms ensuring no matter how turbulent the day-to-day of business gets, their IT never lets them down.

Information Solutions

Information Solutions with the Power of M-Files
Information management can make or break the growth of a business. Range IS have supported clients for 21 years to streamline their information management and maximise productivity.
Using the award winning M-Files Platform, our engineers quickly and efficiently show clients what amazing solutions can be designed and what commercial advantages they open up.
Even companies that use Sharepoint or Google find our solutions – powered by M-Files – keep their organisations better placed to be customer centric and growth ready.
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