M-Files Use Cases

In order to reap all the benefits of Intelligent Information Management, we have identified best practices that enhance specific business processes we have met across a variety of organisations of different sizes. Choose the one you are interested in and see how M-Files can help organizing, accessing and archiving information.

Document Management

With M-Files, you get quick and easy access to the right documents at the right time, no matter where they are stored.

Contract Management

M-Files helps automate contract management processes and enforce contract compliance.

Project Management

M-Files supports the entire project lifecycle from initiation to closeout, increasing on-time delivery rates and decreasing risk.

Human Resources

M-Files provides a simplified and automated approach to managing employee documents, records and HR-related processes to improve efficiency and ensure compliance.

Quality Management

With M-Files Quality Management System, your company can run daily quality processes and policies, qualify personnel, and stay compliant.

Enterprise Information Management

M-Files provides enterprise level tools to store, find, access and manage content across platforms, systems and repositories.


M-Files provides a simplified and automated approach to controlling and governing your company's records throughout their entire life-cycle is critical to ensure compliance with legal and operational obligations.


With M-Files QMS provide your employees with a reference to common business practices, activities and tasks. Ensure your workforce has access to only the most current SOP versions and ensure the appropriate individuals have read them with M-Files.

Enterprise Content Management

Get rid of information silos with dynamic enterprise content management (ECM) that supports the whole business. M-Files breaks down the data silos and provides a common view to all content across different systems and repositories.